Jushi Egypt Launches Ramadan Charity Activities in Suez

On April 12, Jushi Egypt launched the 2023 Ramadan charity event in Suez as scheduled. At the event, after the Eid al Fitr meal, the Ramadan gift boxes were distributed to local disadvantaged families. Fawzia Abdullah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Red Crescent, highly recognized and appreciated the kindness of Jushi. She also awarded a medal to Jushi.


Jushi Egypt General Manager Wu Ping extended Ramadan blessings to the local people who were present at the event. He led a group of volunteers in handing out the Ramadan gifts valued about 200,000 Egyptian pounds to needy families, which helped relieve their conditions. Mr. Wu hoped that the local community and Jushi Egypt would further enhance friendship to be one like a family. The residents who received donations were moved and enthusiastically took photos with volunteers to capture this happy moment.

Later, the warm-hearted locals presented traditional Egyptian dances and songs performance for the event to express their gratitude.


Since 2016, Jushi Egypt has held the annual Ramadan charity event in Suez for 8 years in a row. Going forward, Jushi Egypt will, as always, commit to philanthropy, give full play to its strength and shoulder responsibility. The company strives not only to be a successful model of economic cooperation between Egypt and China on the Belt and Road, but contribute more to building a better and happier place for the local community.

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