China Jushi Builds the World's First Zero-Carbon Glass Fiber Intelligent Manufacturing Base


On February 8, 2023, China Jushi laid the foundation of its Huai'an Lianshui Glass Fiber Zero-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Base, marking the start of construction for the first phase of the project. The project’s investment of the first phase totals 5.658 billion yuan, which is to build three glass fiber production lines in stages, including 2 lines each having an annual output of 100,000 tons and 1 line outputting 200,000 tons annually. The first line is expected to start production in Q1 2024. A new integrated factory building and supplementary works of 358,000 square meters altogether will be built. The new lines will adopt world-class independent technologies such as high-performance glass formulation, high melting rate tank structure, three-dimensional oxy-fuel combustion, matrix high-power electrical boosting, among others.

The production of the new lines will wholly be driven by green power, which is to be generated by a supporting wind power generation project. With this supporting project, at least 36 wind generators each with a single unit capacity of 5.56MW will be installed. The total installed capacity is more than 200MW, and the annual grid power is over 500 million kwh. By fully developing renewable energy, the factory will eventually have a zero-carbon emissions performance.

The construction of the first zero-carbon manufacturing base in the global fiberglass industry plays a positive role in promoting the technological progress and industrial structure adjustment of China's fiberglass industry. It further enhances the company's profitability and international competitiveness, and sets an example in achieving zero-carbon manufacturing in the fiberglass industry.

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