The 26th Shanghai composite material exhibition will be held next week, and new products of Jushi E9 will appear in the exhibition!

From September 2 to 4, the 26th China International composite materials industry and Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Composite Material Exhibition") will be held in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. China giant stone will show its E9 new products at the exhibition stand A801 (hall 1).

Zhang Yuqiang, President of Jushi, chairman and CEO of Jushi group, will lead the sales and R & D elites, and warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to consult and negotiate!

In this exhibition, Jushi will focus on eight kinds of products, including ultra-high modulus wind power yarn E9-390, new generation universal direct yarn 386h, high-strength, fast penetration high-pressure pipe yarn 308s, high surface performance integrated bathroom yarn 410J. 1E9 Product advantages: the modulus of E9 glass fiber exceeds 100GPa, with higher strength, better high temperature resistance, stronger fatigue resistance, and better low-carbon environmental protection, it provides customers with new solutions with unique value, and provides greater possibilities for the expansion of high-end application fields of glass fiber composites.

It has a wide range of application prospects in wind power, infrastructure, transportation, aviation, aerospace and other fields, such as large wind blades, optical cable reinforcement, aircraft parts, automobile manufacturing, temperature resistant materials, sports equipment, etc.

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