CHINA JUSHI Co., Ltd., won five awards including "most respected enterprises in Asia", in year of 2020’s Institutional Investor

Internationally renowned financial magazine, Institutional Investor, recently published its "2020 all-Asia (ex-japan) Executive Team Ranking" (the best Executive Team<ex-japan> Ranking in Asia in 2020). CHINA JUSHI Co., Ltd., corporation stood out from the 1,472 nominated companies and was awarded five awards including "most respected company in Asia".
A total of 1,472 enterprises from 18 industries were nominated in this year's contest, with 1,921 buyers and 611 sellers' representatives voting. CHINA JUSHI Co., Ltd., was in the most respected enterprises list in Asia in 2020. In the basic materials sector, President Zhang Yuqiang of CHINA JUSHI Co., Ltd., was listed on the buyer's "Best CEO" list, Vice President and CFO Wang Yuan was listed on the buyer's "Best CFO" list, and the investor relations management team was listed on the buyer's "Best Investor Relations Execution Project" and "Best Environment, Society and Governance" list.

Institutional Investor, is one of the most influential financial evaluation institutions among the world. It conducts an annual evaluation of enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region, and its ranking results are recognized as a global investment barometer by the industry and are highly recognized by overseas buyers and sellers. In contracts with other awards, it was voted entirely by financial circles professionals, with high authority and value. CHINA JUSHI Co., Ltd., won a number of awards, in addition to its steady performance, and also reflects the capital market to the company's investor relations management work highly affirmed and recognition. In the future, CHINA JUSHI Co., Ltd. will continue to make efforts to improve its fundamentals, continuously strengthen and innovate investor relationship management, and create long-term investment value for shareholders.

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